Reviews are an important source of information for consumers, which is why we are absolutely committed to complying with the New Zealand Fair Trading Act 1986, which means making sure Reviews are based upon genuine consumer feedback.

The details of the LiveLocal Review policy are published on our website.  The policy sets out how we will publish and manage all content related to Reviews.  By signing up as a member, all users agree to abide by our review policy. 

How do reviews work?

Our website allows for both hosts and guests to leave public reviews for each other up to 14 days after a booking is marked “completed”.

Our review system is simple and uncomplicated and requires only a "thumbs up" and a "thumbs down", plus a public comment.  That's all there is to it!  A simple "yeah" or a "nah" is all it takes, then it's job done.  Star ratings shown on user profiles are a calculated average of all the "thumbs".

Can I skip the feedback process?

Yes, you can choose not to provide a review by clicking "Skip feedback" button, pictured below. However, you can't refuse a review from the other party after a completed booking.  

What things can't I say in a review?

We are committed to maintaining a fair and balanced review system, free from false or misleading claims, or harm to others.  For this reason, we have some clear restrictions around content that can be included in a public review.  

1.   Unbiased reviews

Users are prohibited from manipulating the review system in any manner that would lead to a biased review or rating.  

Therefore, users must not: 

  • instruct a third party to write a positive or negative review, 

  • post reviews of a listing or user to which they are affiliated, 

  • incentivise positive reviews with the promise of compensation, 

  • threaten a negative review to manipulate a desired outcome (extortion), or

  • accept fake bookings in exchange for positive reviews.

2.  Pertinent reviews

Users are prohibited from publishing content within the review system that is not pertinent to the user or listing to which it refers. 

Therefore, users must not include comments in reviews that:

  • include personal information about an identifiable individual (i.e. as defined by the Privacy Act 1993), 

  • include specific information in relation to a booking or dispute resolution (i.e. physical address, booking price paid, or cancellation refund), 

  • are unrelated to the booking for which the review is being given, 

  • refer to circumstances outside of another’s control (i.e. weather), 

  • refer to expectations not aligned to the advertised house rules for a listing (i.e. expecting to have a party when house rules say this is not permitted),

  • refer to expectations that are not realistic or consistent with the advertised listing (i.e. expecting free breakfast when it was not advertised as an available amenity), or 

  • refer to an individual person’s social, political or religious views.

Here are some examples of review content that are considered pertinent:

✅  A comment about asking someone back again:

Bob and his family left the place 
clean and tidy.  I'd welcome
them back anytime. Fantastic

 ✅  A comment about what someone personally enjoyed:

This place was great! The host was
nice and easy to talk to and they
made sure we were well looked
after. The free breakfast and free
parking was perfect for what we
needed. I'd visit again anytime.

✅  A negative comment about things that are helpful for future guests to know:

The host said they would be 
available on site, but they didn't
respond to our requests for help.
We were on our own and the WiFi
didn't work!

✅  A helpful comment about location amenities:

The walk to the bus stop is up a 
steep hill and it takes 20 minutes
to bus to the city.

✅  A comment about personal opinion or experience:

I just didn't find Bob easy to 
talk to or very approachable.
He wasn't my kind of people.

✅  A comment about a guests opinion on 'value for money': 

We thought this place was a bit 
of a rip off. Not as nice as the

Here are some examples of review content that would not be considered pertinent, because they either have nothing to do with the listing or service being provided by a host,  or they disclose private or commercially sensitive information. Under our Review policy, LiveLocal are authorised to remove such content, in whole or in part, in accordance with the Fair Trading Act 1986 and/or Privacy Act 1993:

❌ A comment about the price paid for a booking and private information: 

We paid $120 per night and the 
address is 123 Mango Street.

❌ A comment about someone's physical appearance: 

This person was very scruffy, 
unshaven and generally scary

❌ A comment about services not being provided by a host:

I don't recommend booking this 
place. When we stayed it rained
the whole time, the restaurants
we went to were terrible, public
transport was totally unreliable
and the local taxi drivers were

❌ A comment about physical location. This would be removable if the location was known and acknowledged by the consumer prior to booking the accommodation, because the consumer is expressing that they are unhappy with their own choice: 

This place was a long way from the
central city.

❌ A comment about the type of people living in a neighbourhood: 

Lots of large scary looking people
live in this neighbourhood.

❌ A comment about extra desired amenities. This would be removable if it was known and acknowledged by the consumer, prior to booking the accommodation, that these amenities were not provided. This is because the consumer is expressing that they are unhappy with their own choice of accommodation:

There was no coffee machine
or high chair. Plus I
really think this place
should have a spa pool.

3.  Factual reviews

Users are prohibited from publishing content within the review system that is not factual, which means any content that is proven to be fraudulent, false, misleading (directly or by omission or failure to update information) or deceptive.  

In all instances, where the factual basis of a review is challenged, we expect the author of a review to stand behind the content of their review and provide supporting evidence where required.

✅  A comment that is factual based on the listing description:

This place had views over the 
city, free breakfast, and
unlimited WiFi.

✅  Comments that are likely to be proven as factual:

There is a pub right next door to 
this listing.
This listing was further from the
central city than described.
We checked out early because we 
didn't like this place.
We asked Sally to leave for 
breaking our house rules.
Things were missing from our 
place after Bob checked-out.

❌ A comment that is utterly false and subject to instant removal: 

The house was made of cheese.

❌ Comments that could be removed if they cannot be reliably proven: 

This place had no sheets, pillows,
beds, or Wifi.
This was a fake listing. The house
doesn't really exist.
Bob stole property from our place.

4.  Offensive or defamatory language  

In all aspects of content on the LiveLocal website, including Reviews, LiveLocal requires that such content be free from offensive or defamatory language.  

This includes any content that is

  • defamatory, libellous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or offensive, 

  • promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group, 

  • is violent or threatening or promotes violence or actions that are threatening, or 

  • promotes illegal or harmful activities or substances.

✅  Giving criticism without offensive or defamatory language:

I didn't get along with Betty. I
found her rude and unhelpful.
When Bob checked out the whole
place stank of body odour.

❌ Comments that contain offensive or defamatory langauge: 

Betty is a filthy liar. She acted
like a total ****head.
If I see Bob again I'm going to
smack him in the head!!

Reporting a review that violates review policy

If you would like to report review content that appears to violate our Review policy, please Contact us by startIng a new conversation in our chat messenger.

We believe that a healthy review system is one that respects and protects consumers genuine feedback.  For this reason, we take the removal of any part of a review very seriously and will only remove review content where it is in clear violation of our Review policy.  

Replacement reviews

If review content is removed for violating our Review policy, we may invite the author(s) to provide a replacement review, if this is deemed appropriate (i.e. if the violation appears unintentional).  If we determine that there is a high likelihood of repeated noncompliance, no offer of a replacement Review will be given.

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