Almost anyone can be a host on LiveLocal, so long as they are a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand, and are listing property located in New Zealand.  

It costs only $5 per month to sign up and list your space.  Although this may seem a little different, unlike other platforms LiveLocal does not charge any ongoing Host Commission fees and also charges minimal Guest commission fees. 

The LiveLocal pricing model makes a huge difference to the returns made for hosts and the prices paid by guests. Read more to see an illustration of what this looks like compared to other platforms.

What types of listings are allowed?

There are a wide range of listing types allowed on LiveLocal, including houses, private rooms, boats, and even glamping tents!  You can read more about the categories of place offered on LiveLocal, and the diverse ways to take bookings, in this article.

We would like to keep the LiveLocal marketplace open to all hosts around New Zealand, however we do require that hosts consult with their local council bylaws to ensure that they are compliant with any required consent, permitting, or local taxes laws that may apply.  

If we receive a report of an individual host not operating within the law, we will investigate.  In this circumstance, we would expect the host in question to provide us with the necessary documentation in order to prove their eligibility to remain listed. We will not compromise the integrity of the LiveLocal website by allowing the actions of the few to undermine the system.

What about Australian hosts?

We have had considerable interest from Australian hosts who have expressed interest to see our platform extended to support the expected "joint bubble" future between Australia and New Zealand.  We will continue to explore this with Australian and New Zealand hosts and, if there is enough mutual support and funding for an expansion, we will consider it.  At this time we have no specific plans to implement this.  Our initial goal is to build something simple, meaningful and affordable for the local community.

If you would like to get in touch and express an interest in our platform supporting Australian hosts, we'd love to hear from you through our Contact form.

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