Your first point of call is your host

The idea behind LiveLocal is that we want to let Kiwi hosts be their own local Helpdesk, rather than building a fat intermediary that clips the ticket and gets in the way of good Kiwi hospitality. 

We know this works because local Kiwi hospitality is some of the best in the world. Overseas platforms are learning from New Zealand hosts, not the other way around. so we know our Kiwi hosts have got you covered.

What if something goes wrong?

Things can go wrong when we travel and, whilst we all try to plan for the unexpected, sometimes things have a habit of taking us by surprise.  If you find you need extra help with an accommodation you have booked, the best people you can call are:

  • 💬 Your host.  It is our firm belief that your host will be with you ever step of the way for everything to do with the service they provide at their listing.  

  • ☎️ Your travel insurer.  For absolute peace of mind, we highly recommend guests purchase travel insurance at the time of booking, to cover any unexpected events that may affect your travel. 

  • 🚨 Local authorities.  If it is an emergency, or you are not sure whether it is an emergency, you should call 111 immediately. If you are sure it is not an emergency, you can call the Police on 105.  

What if my host lets me down?

We'd like to think that our hosts have your back, but if things do go badly, there are some things you can do to respond:

  • 👎 Leave an honest review.  One of the most important aspects of online marketplaces is the ability to leave a public review.  If your host lets you down, the best thing you can do is leave an honest review about your experience.

  • 🎓 Make a claim through the Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand. Once your payment has been released to your host, LiveLocal has no ability to recover your payment, so your best course of action to seek financial compensation is to apply through the Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand.

  • 💬 Contact us. If you feel that your host has in any way breached our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy,  please let us know and we will take further action where necessary to uphold the integrity of our community. 

LiveLocal is an advertiser not an agent 

When you book accommodation advertised on LiveLocal, you are making a purchase directly from your host.  LiveLocal is the administrator of a direct advertising marketplace for accommodation services, but we offer no warranty regarding the services or accommodation that are purchased or sold.

This is much the same as buying a used car advertised on Trademe (i.e. you wouldn't expect Trademe to offer roadside assistance if your car breaks down later).  LiveLocal is not acting as an agent in any capacity for any host, nor is it operating as a property manager, real estate agent, insurer, or travel agent.  What we can do, if you Contact us, is refer your situation to local services or authorities such as the New Zealand Police.

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