Now and then, guests need to send extra money to hosts during their trip.  This can happen for lots of reasons, so we wanted to give people a way of handling this inside the LiveLocal website, in case people aren't comfortable handling money directly.

Some of the reasons we can think of guests might like this feature are:

  • Paying for an extra night 

  • Early check-in or late checkout (if offered)

  • Extra housekeeping services

  • Personal grocery shopping service

  • Snacks or pay TV movies

  • Artwork or products 

  • Paying for breakage or damage

How to collect additional funds through a special listing

The fastest and easiest way to collect additional funds is to have your guest pay you through a Special Listing you make on the LiveLocal website.  This means avoiding those potentially awkward conversations where you ask for cash or feel like you have to handover your bank account number to a stranger.

💡 Note: You can make a special listing right now then 'hide' it until you need it! Once you make the listing, you can click the "close listing" button.  This is the same as sleeping your listing.  You can then reopen it anytime to accept additional funds from your guests.  Give it a try!

⚠️Make sure your guest marks their payment as "completed" on the transaction.
Once you accept a guest request to pay for extra services, they will be charged and their payment will be securely held by Stripe. However, the funds will not be released to you until your guest marks the order as "completed" in the LiveLocal system.

Example of a special listing

Here is a picture of what a special listing could look like: 

How to make a special listing 

1.  Make a new listing for "Other services"

The category and listing type called "Other services" have been designed specifically to allow hosts to be able to create a listing and keep it specially for collecting additional funds when needed.

2.  Give your listing a descriptive name

3.  Set the price to what you need to charge
"Other services" listing types are "per unit", as opposed to per night. They are not linked to an availability calendar so you can sell as many of them as you need to.  Set your price to what you have agreed with your guest that you need to charge.

4.  Add a description and a location for your listing
Your description should outline what other services you are selling. You can edit this anytime to match what you have agreed with a current guest.

💡 Note: All the usual tick boxes and fields don't apply to this type of listing, so it is faster, easier and a lot less work to create than a regular listing.

5.  Add a photo to the listing
This doesn't need to be a photo of your property, since what you are selling is essentially an extra service.  Here is an example of a picture you can use.  

6.  Click "Post listing"
Once your listing is posted, you can let your guests know that they can buy your extra services through the LiveLocal website.  

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