❌ Charging for compulsory extras

You cannot charge additional fees for things that are compulsory for each reservation (i.e. additional guest fees, or compulsory linen and cleaning fees).

As a host, we encourage you to use our recommended pricing strategies to calculate how to cover your costs using all-inclusive, honest, transparent pricing.

We believe that, to be successful in stimulating the tourism market post COVID-19, accommodation providers need to move away from all the hidden surprises that appear to consumers at the payment screen. This is the fundamental thing that sets apart LiveLocal from other platforms, so we will work to maintain the integrity of our commitment to consumers.

As private accommodation providers, we are relying on you to adhere to simple and transparent, all-inclusive pricing to help guests access private accommodation in a more direct, personal, and affordable way.

✔️ Charging for optional extras

It is expected that hosts will charge for extra optional services they provide to guests during their stay (i.e. snacks, grovery delivery, BBQ hire, bicycle hire, etc). You can read more about how to charge for extra services in our separate article.

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