Welcome to the most common problem on the entire internet! Why is it common? Because mobile phones are often turned sideways or upside down when people take photographs these days. Only your phone is smart enough to correct the orientation of your image because it knows which way was "up" at the time the image was taken.

Super advanced websites are smart enough to correct the problem for you, or allow you to rotate images. However, sadly our website has been built on the smell of an oily rag in order to save hosts and guests money, by not charging those big 20% commission fees. So, it's not as advanced as what you are used to.

But don't worry, because image rotation is such a common issue all over the world... we have some tips and even some free tools you can use to fix the problem.

Why does this happen?

When uploading photos, your images may sometimes appear to upload "sideways" or even "upside down".

Our system does not rotate images during the upload process. The reason your photo would appear this way is because the photo was taken that way (either with the phone sideways or upside down) and the image file itself is in this orientation.

For example, if you hold your phone upright and take a photo, the photo is saved in portrait mode or "sideways". To fix this you would need to either turn the photo right side up in your photo viewing or editing software, or (our recommended option) you can re-take the photo in landscape mode (turning your phone horizontally).

After the image is rotated, or re-taken in landscape orientation, then you can upload it to your LiveLocal listing and it will appear correctly. This may vary based on your computer software, browser and/or camera.

❌ Portrait orientation

Here is a picture of what “portrait” orientation looks like. When you hold your phone this way to take a photo, the image is stored “sideways” in your phone. The only way to correct it is to use an App or PC editing program to correct the orientation.

The majority of websites don’t possess the artificial intelligence required to examine an image and decide what is the “right way up” for that image, which is why the majority of websites will advise to use landscape only.

✔️ Landscape orientation

Here is a picture of what “landscape” orientation looks like. When you hold your phone this way to take a photo, the image is stored the right way up in your phone. This is the recommended way to take photos for use on LiveLocal.

It's also important not to turn your phone the wrong way when it is landscape! Those pesky upsidedown images happen when people tip their phone sideways the wrong way. This most often happens when someone is "left handed" and turns their phone so they can tap to take the image with their left thumb.

Manually correct your images

If you can’t re-take your images then, as a quick fix, you can upload an image to the Pinetools Image Rotator, to rotate your image either 90° Right or 90° Left (whichever is needed) to correct your photos for use on LiveLocal.

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