You can change the payment method in your account settings under Payments. Please note, we will never email or call you to ask for your bank account details.

Changing your payment method

Right, lets get started. If you get stuck at any point during this process, please reach out and Contact Us.

1. First, login to your account on LiveLocal.

2. Next, click on the picture of yourself in the top right, then select "Settings".

3. Select "Payments" from the left hand menu bar.

4. Click on "Edit details" pictured below.

5. Scroll down and select "Update also Bank account"

6. Enter your new bank account in the following format

  • Your bank account number needs to be entered as shown in the example above, including '-' dashes. If you have a 2 digit account suffix (that's the last digits at the end) then you need to add a zero. For example, if your New Zealand bank account is 12-3456-7891011-01 then you need to enter it as 12-3456-7891011-001.

7. When you have completed the form and reviewed it, click "Save details".

8. Provided there were no errors on the form, you should see a confirmation message like the one below:

9. If there are no detected issues, your acount should be verified in minutes. If you check the Payments area again, you should see this message:

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