LiveLocal does not offer an extenuating circumstances policy.

For bookings made through LiveLocal, all Kiwi Hosts adhere to a single cancellation and refunds policy, which is super easy to understand. Your host is asked to adhere to this policy as a minimum level of consumer protection.

Although the vasts majority of hosts are super understanding, for absolute peace of mind we highly recommend guests purchase travel insurance at the time of booking, to cover any unexpected events that may affect your travel.

Why does LiveLocal not offer refunds for exceptional circumstances?

The idea behind LiveLocal is that we want to offer a low cost alternative to booking private accommodation in New Zealand, rather than building a fat intermediary that clips the ticket and gets in the way of good Kiwi hospitality.

This means our website runs on volunteer support and charges next to nothing for what we provide. It's about offering a "No Frills" service, to keep costs down and pass savings on to Kiwi travellers. There are no profits to draw from and our support centre is entirely run by volunteers!

The downside of charging less is that we don't have the "deep pockets" to be able to act as an insurance backstop for unexpected travel events. To make this work we are counting on guests and hosts looking after their own needs by arranging adequate travel insurance cover for anything unexpected. We are also relying on all hosts who advertise on the platform to offer their guests the minimum protections for consumers required under the Fair Trading Act 1986.

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