You may have noticed how some hosts are showing an old price and a new price section at the top of their listing? You can do the same!

Example pricing section

You can create a display like this on your listing:

The above example is created in your listing description using something called Markdown formatting code. Markdown code uses symbols (like * or # or _ or ~~ ) to apply changes to the formatting of your listing description text. You can read more about Markdown code here.

To create a pricing section with your "old" price and "new" price, you'll need to use the formatting set out in the below example. To use it, edit your listing description and paste the text. Update the prices in the text to reflect your listing pricing, then click "post listing" to see the results. Give it a try!

##Usual Price: ~~$230 per night~~
##LiveLocal Price: $160 per night ✔️
_No hidden extras!_ On LiveLocal, a Kiwi run website, our price includes everything for up to 4 adults! There are no cleaning fees, no extra guest fees, no linen fees. Book now to grab it!


Learn how to calculate your LiveLocal fixed price

Using the LiveLocal fixed price calculator, you calculate what your guests would have paid on Airbnb compared to what you should charge on LiveLocal.

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