In this article, we step through the process LiveLocal follows to manage a booking from start to finish.

Overview of the booking process

1 - Booking request

  • The process begins when a guest sends a booking request.

  • A temporary 'hold' is placed by Stripe on the guest's payment method.

  • A host has 3 days to accept a booking request before it expires.

  • There are no consequences for declining a booking request.

  • Before accepting a booking, it is recommended that hosts communicate with a guest in order to confirm a few details about the person booking.

Here is an example of a message a host might send in response to a request:

Hi there!

Thanks for enquiring about our place!

I just wanted to confirm a few things about your request:
• What is your full name?
• What brings you to the area?
• Who will you be travelling with?
• What time will you be arriving?

If you could confirm these things for me I'd be delighted to accept your booking request.

Many thanks :)

~ Your host

2 - Request accepted

  • When a host accepts a booking a guest's payment method is charged.

  • Payments are held securely by Stripe until check-in day by default.

  • From this point, the payment is subject to the LiveLocal cancellation policy.

  • After a booking is accepted, and before check-in day, it is a good idea for hosts to communicate with a guest in order to provide check-in information.

Here is an example of a message a host might send with check-in information:

Hi there!

I just wanted to touch base and give you some more information about your stay. You are welcome to check-in anytime after 3PM. Your check-out time is 10AM on your last day.

If you'd like to arrange different times (i.e. late check-out) please get in touch and we'll see whether we can make it work.

123 Best Street,

The key will be in a small lock box. The current code is 1234. Please don't forget to return the key to the lock box when you check-out :)

You're welcome to park in the driveway. If you have a large vehicle, please park as far to the right as you can.

In addition to coffee and tea, you will find breakfast ingredients such as fruit, muesli, yoghurt, milk and fresh bread for toast, along with butter and various spreads. If you have any special dietary requirements (i.e. vegan or gluten free) please let us know.

The wifi network is "Best WiFi in the world" and the password is "123456789101112131415".

In case you haven’t made plans yet, I can recommend a few choices for dinner on your first night. You can walk 13 mins to the local shops for Hells Pizza, Chinese Takeaways or New World to stock up on home cooking items.

For a culinary experience to remember, you can book a table at the Best Restaurant Ever or Second Best Restaurant Ever, both only 15 mins walk. Or else book a table at the Best Pub in the World, for a casual pub dining experience, also 15 mins walk. For even better pub dining, book a table at the Really Posh Pub, which is a 10 minute drive to the city. Or better yet, for great prices & awesome food with a view of the harbour, book at Super Cool Awesome View Spot.

Whatever you decide, be sure to book a table early and guarantee your first choice :)

More information about the place, neighborhood, travel tips and local amenities can be found in the 'House Manual' on the desk when you arrive. You can also view the House Manual online at [insert link to manual]

Please let us know if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy your stay.

~ Your hosts

3 - Check-in Day

  • Hosts should remind guests to mark their booking "completed" on check-in day

  • By doing this, you will ensure that the guest's payment from Stripe is released

  • Alternatively, a payment will automatically be released 2 days after check-out day, or 90 days after the initial booking was made (whichever is earlier)

  • Failing that, a host can request that a payment be manually released

Here is an example of a message a host might send on check-in day:

Hi there!

I just wanted to touch base and see whether you have checked-in ok and see whether you need anything tonight.

To make sure we get paid (always nice!) we'd be grateful if you could remember to mark your booking on LiveLocal as "Order completed". This will release your payment to us, which is being securely held by Stripe.

We hope you have a great first night in our place :)

~ Your hosts

4 - Reviews Completed

  • A guest and host can review each other after a booking is marked completed

  • Here is a link to some guidance about the Do's and Dont's of reviews on LiveLocal

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