If a guest contacts you asking for a discount for a long term booking, you can handle this in LiveLocal by referring them to a separate listing with discounted fixed pricing.

The LiveLocal website is a simple system, without advanced features such as discounts that apply after (say) 7 days or 28 days. So, if you want to target or accept bookings like these, you can adopt the following strategy.

1. Create a main listing

  • Set the pricing in your main listing as your short-term fixed pricing.

  • In your listing description, mention that you offer a discount for longer term bookings and ask guests to message (using the “contact” button on your listing) you to request this lower rate.

2. Create a long term discount listing

  • Create a second identical listing to your main listing.

  • Set the minimum nights stay to equal your discount terms (i.e. 14 nights).

  • Think about what types of services or amenities you will reduce for a long term booking and adjust your description and settings to reflect this. For example, you may prefer to not offer breakfast or toiletries. Or, if you are making a listing for 28+ night stays, you might not want to offer linen and towels.

  • If you only want to offer discounts for 28+ night stays, you can also tick that the new listing only accepts stays of 28+ nights (I.e. not short term bookings)

  • In your listing description, mention in words that this listing is not available for short term bookings, and that guests should check your other listing for a short term price (you can include a link to your main listing).

⚠️ If you receive a booking on your long term discount listing, be sure to manually update your availability calendar on your main listing.

3. Choose whether to keep your ‘discount listing‘ open

It is possible to keep a long term discount listing ready but “hidden”. You can do this by setting it to “closed” until you need it, then only open it once you receive an enquiry from a long term guest on your main listing.

Sometimes this is a good strategy, because short term short term guests may see your long term advertised price and request the same discount. You can decline discount requests of course, but some hosts may prefer to keep discount pricing ‘tucked away‘ until needed.

What happens to my reviews?

If you take bookings through a temporary listing (i.e. for long term discounts) the guest reviews will be attached to your user profile, not your listing. This means you don’t need to worry about your main listing losing the benefit of those reviews.

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