Read here to find some quick start tips on getting ready for your first LiveLocal trip.

Before you book

🔲 Read the LiveLocal Terms and Conditions

🔲 Learn about when you will be charged for your booking

🔲 Get to grips with the LiveLocal cancellation policy

🔲 Read more about how to be a great guest

🔲 Learn how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

After you make a booking

🔲 Read the listing and House Rules carefully.

🔲 Swap contact details with your host and confirm check-in information.

🔲 Update your LiveLocal profile to include emergency contact information.

🔲 Get yourself some travel insurance to cover unexpected events.

🔲 Learn about when you are expected to click "completed".

During and after your trip

🔲 Let your host know what time you will arrive.

🔲 Mark your booking "order completed" on check-in day, so your host gets paid!

🔲 Ask your host for local tips on what to do and see!

🔲 Be respectful of any House Rules set by your host.

🔲 Let your host know about any issues during your stay.

🔲 Leave a public review.

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