On A Desktop 

  1. Click the Share a Message bar on the Conversations page (shown above). 

  2. Choose to share as TEXT.

  3. Add a Subject (optional) line.

  4. Compose your Message.

  5. After selecting the GROUP(S) you want to share your alert within Livingtree, click POST

In The Mobile App

  1. Tap the + New Post on the top right corner of the app to begin sharing a Message, Text Alert, or to Create Event.

  2. Select Text Alert

  3. Clicking on "Tap here to select groups that will see post" allows one to find and select the GROUPS one wants to share a text with using Livingtree. 

  4. Enter a Subject (Optional).

  5. Type the Text within 150 characters, and click Submit


Whether on a desktop or a smartphone, Livingtree only sends text messages out to those contacts with phone numbers in their Livingtree profile.

Additionally, text messages are limited to 150 characters—on both the desktop and Livingtree mobile app versions. 

A text message does NOT send a Subject line along with a text—regardless of platform.

For Livingtree desktop users, a text goes out with a post in the Conversations feed as well as Email and Mobile Push Alert Notifications.

For Livingtree mobile app users, a TEXT only goes out with Email and Mobile Push Alert Notifications; and, a POST will NOT show up in the Conversations feed, unlike the Livingtree desktop version. 

If a Subject (optional) is included in either Livingtree version with a TEXT, it will show up in any POST, Email, and Mobile Push Alert Notifications along with the TEXT.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please, contact Livingtree at support@livingtree.com.

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