What are Livingtree Give's 's per-transaction fees and do they vary per fundraiser type?

Per-transaction fees vary based on the type of fundraiser.  Fees per fundraiser type are as follows:

  • Campaigns:  5% + .30c per transaction 

  • Drawings:  5% + .30c per transaction

  • Events:  5% + .30c per transaction

  • "Fund-a-Thons":  5% + .30c per transaction

  • Membership:  2.9% + .30c per transaction

  • Volunteer:  FREE

Note: for LT Give Enterprise and Enterprise "Lite" district accounts, per-transaction fees are based on the agreed contract.  

Are there any fees or charges to sign-up for an LT Give account and to keep it continuously active? 

If you register for an LT Give "Individual" account as an individual person or entity (IE - individual teacher, school, PTA/PTO, etc), account registration and keeping your account open indefinitely is free!  Only per-transaction fees (learn more below) are applicable.  

To register for an LT Give Individual account, click here.

If you, however, are part of a school district, Ed foundation, etc and are planning to set up an LT Give District-wide Enterprise or Enterprise "Lite" hierarchy of accounts, there are additional charges/fees (such as implementation/developer work, account provisioning, data management, etc) for setup.  These charges/fees are agreed to per signed sales contract with Livingtree.  To speak to a Livingtree sales representative about setting up an LT Give District Enterprise or Enterprise "Lite" platform, please complete this form.

Using the Livingtree Give platform, PayPal enables us to collect funds from your online fundraiser:

See the associated per-transaction charges/fees below.

PAYPAL:  Are payment processing charges, such as PayPal charges, included in LT Give's Per-Transaction fees?  How are LT Give's per-transaction fees broken down?  

Yes, PayPal's standard payment processing fee is included in LT Give's overall Per-Transaction fees.  Based on the fundraisers listed above, fees are broken down as follows:

For fundraisers set at 5% + .30c per transaction (IE - campaigns, drawings, etc):

  • 2.9% + .30c = PayPal Processing Fee

  • 2.1% = LT Give Fee

For fundraiser set at 2.9% + .30c per transaction (IE - membership):

  • 2.9% + .30c = PayPal Processing Fee

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