Depending on the type of LT Give account that you are registered for, you may have the ability to add "Administrative Users" that can be added to your account when you need help.  

Note: Make sure that additional admin users that you add are individuals that you trust.

Additional Administrative users can:

  • Create and publish fundraisers (IE - campaigns, events, fund-a-thons, etc) 

  • Access account reporting (IE - Financial admin individuals who need access to review donation transactions)

  • Send mass emails from Communications

  • Add/edit contacts within Contacts Management

  • Within District Enterprise accounts, your admin users also have the ability to help approve district hierarchy campaigns, review aggregated district fundraiser transaction reporting, etc.

Note: Additional Admin users DO NOT have the ability to change your account's settings.  Only you, as your account's primary user, have the ability to set and make changes to your account's settings.  

This means that your admin users cannot:

  • Change your account info (name, address, email, etc)

  • Set or make changes to your account's payment collection option (PayPal)

  • Change public page settings

  • Change district approval/accounting code entry configurations

To add Administrative Users to your account, follow the steps:

  1. Login to your account and go to Settings > Account Settings.

  2. In the "Additional Accounts" section, click the "Add Additional Account" button.

3. Enter the email address of your new administrative user and enter an account password for them (should be a combination of numbers and letters).  Repeat entering the password to confirm.  Click the submit button. 

4. You will now see the new administrative user listed below.  You can add additional administrative users to your LT Give account as needed.

Note: Your new administrative user will not receive a welcome email with login credentials.  You will need to provide the login credentials that you created to your administrative user.

On the list, you can edit your administrative user by clicking the pencil.  To delete an administrative user, click the "X."

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