Because PayPal facilitates payments processing for Livingtree Give, it is best to first contact PayPal Support directly for help regarding campaign donation/payment related issues.  

These might include:

-Canceling a payment made by a donor
-Issuing a refund to a donor
-Issues/questions/changes to payment amounts

To contact the PayPal Support team directly, review their contact details:


If you have a PayPal account and have "connected" it to your LTG account:

Click the "Log In" button to be immediately provided with the best PayPal support number to call.  After logging in with your PayPal account credentials, you will be provided with the direct phone # of the appropriate support team.

If you don't have or forgot your PayPal account login credentials:
Click the "Call us as a Guest" link to be provided with PayPal's general support line.

If you are calling about a specific transaction, the support team may request the following information:

-If you were attempting to make the online payment via your PayPal account, the email address used to setup your PayPal account
-The day, time and $ amount of the transaction
-Any error messages or emails that might have been generated from the transaction (if an error code was provided, the support team may request this as well).

If, for some reason, you are unable to reach PayPal Support, and continue to have issues, contact Livingtree Support at

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