Livingtree Give is partnered with PayPal, which exclusively handles its online payment processing.  Contacting PayPal directly is the best and fastest way to correct donation/payment issues.  

The PayPal Customer Service team has access to all payment transaction details AND the ability to resolve donor payment issues on a real-time basis.  

Livingtree cannot directly resolve donation/payment transactions.

PayPal's Customer Service team can help you with the following payment transaction issues (and more):

  • Refunds

  • Donation/Payment amount corrections

  • Transfers

First, we suggest that you search PayPal's self-help articles to see if the resolution for your payment -is there:

Next, if after looking through the self-help articles, your issue is still not resolved, you can call PayPal's customer service department directly by visiting their site below (click the "Call us" button):

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Ideally - Date, time and $ amount of the transaction, if this can be recalled.

  • Credit / debit card information that was used in the transaction.

  • If you were attempting to make the online payment via your PayPal account, the email address associated with your PayPal account.

  • Description of any error messages or emails generated from the transaction (if an error code was provided, PayPal's customer service team may request this).

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