In order to begin collecting online campaign donations/payments, you must first "link" your PayPal account to your Livingtree Give account.  

After the two accounts are successfully linked, all inbound donations that come from published campaigns/fundraisers will immediately be collected in your PayPal account.

To link your Livingtree Give account to your PayPal account, follow the steps:

 Login to your Livingtree Give account.  In Settings > Manage PayPal Settings, click the "Connect" button.

STEP 2:  Go through the PayPal Security Challenge (reCaptcha).

STEP 3:  Enter your PayPal account Email ID here.  If you don't have a PayPal account, you can enter an email address that you would like to use to create one here.

STEP 4:  You are taken to a PayPal login screen.  Enter your PayPal account login credentials here and click "Log In."

STEP 5:  A screen appears that confirms that you have successfully authorized LT Give account (which shows as "Edbacker" - will be changed to "LT Give") to work with/"link" to your PayPal account.  Click the "Go back to Edbacker Inc" button.

STEP 6:  You are taken back to the Manage PayPal Settings screen.  Click the "Confirm Edbacker Payment Agreement" button.

STEP 7: You are routed back to the PayPal account login screen.  You must log back in to your PayPal account to be able to accept the payment agreement.  Enter your PayPal credentials and click "Log In."

STEP 8: You are routed to a screen that lists any bank/credit card accounts that are linked to your PayPal account.  Select the correct account and click "Continue."

STEP 9:  An authorization screen appears confirming the bank account linked to your LT Give account.  Click "Agree & Continue."

STEP 10:  You are routed back to your LT Give account, where you now see a message stating that you have "connected your PayPal account and can now receive donations," as well as, your "PayPal Merchant ID."  

You can now receive donations from your LT Give campaigns!

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