The "Promote/Email" Tool is a "lite" version of the fully featured "Communications" mass-email Tool within your LT Give account.

This tool allows you to send quick, basic (text-format) emails to the contacts that you have saved in your account's "Contacts" Tool.

For help with campaign promotion, review our Campaign Promotion Best Practices guide here.

To use the "Promote/Email" feature, follow these steps:

  1. In your LT Give account, load your contacts via the "Contacts" tool.  Note: You cannot load contacts in the Promote/Email tool.
  2. In Fundraising tab > in the Active Campaigns section, click the "cog" icon located at the top right of your campaign's thumbnail and select the "Promote/Email" option.

3. Next, you will select your recipients by clicking on the corresponding "+" icon. From here, if you have added contacts to the "Contacts" section in your LTG account, you can select them individually here by checking the checkbox next to each contact name (or you can select all of the listed contacts using the "All" checkbox, at the left on the top row). At the top right, there is a pull down list that lists "contact types" that you have assigned when uploading contacts. This allows you to select the contact type that you would like to send to from the list. This is helpful if you would like to send your email to all "donors" (of this particular campaign), or all "parents," etc. To learn how to add contacts to your LTG account, click here.

4. Enter a subject, as well as additional text, attachments, etc to help best describe and promote your campaign to its recipients. You will notice that the in the body message URL of the campaign automatically appears.

5) Now that your recipients are selected, and your email subject and message are complete, press send!

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