What is Livingtree Give for and how does it help? 

Give is an online fundraising management system that allows your district to take control of your online fundraising/crowdfunding activities with tools like built-in automated campaign approval processes, campaign accounting code tracking, detailed reporting of all campaigns, and easy donor marketing. Other crowdfunding platforms may let you set up fundraising websites for schools, but they may also allow anyone from the district to go on the site and raise money for anything. Give’s unique fundraising management system allows districts to take control and manage all their fundraising efforts with complete oversight of every campaign.

How does Livingtree Give work? 


Give's built-in approval process allows district members to approve every campaign before it goes live. With up to four approval steps, districts can oversee the details of every campaign.


School bookkeepers and accountants can attach a unique accounting code to every fundraiser, enabling automatic accountability and transparency for funds (as well as a reporting and auditing trail for all money received).


With Give's simple online tools, district finance teams can easily generate and export detailed reports of all fundraising activities.


One single portal shows a snapshot of local impact and allows equitable giving by community members and corporate donors. After donating to an approved campaign, donor information is automatically stored for easy future marketing

What are the benefits of using Livingtree Give?

  • You can vet every fundraising campaign with a customized multi-step approval process.

  • You can route and easily disperse funds from a single district account in real-time.

  • You can attach your district’s unique accounting codes to every campaign for easy tracking and fund disbursement.

  • You can generate reports for details on campaigns, funding, and donor contacts.

  • You can reach thousands of potential donors with our customized website integration and promotional tools.

  • You can track and manage every donor that contributes with the contact manager.

What are the benefits for PTAs using Livingtree Give and how is it different from other services? Livingtree Give is the nation’s first user-friendly online platform designed specifically for districts and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) — making fundraising, donor management, and parent communication easier than ever before. The simple point and click interface allows users to create a custom fundraising campaign or use a pre-built Livingtree Give template. Platform users can then set giving donation options, campaign length time, add videos and photos, and use PayPal to collect funds. The platform also features built-in social media tools to further promote campaigns and reach many more donors nationwide easily.

What are Livingtree Give's platform features?  Below is our platform's feature set.

  • Fundraising Campaign Tools

  • Events Tools

  • "Fund-a-Thon" Tools

  • Membership Tools

  • Volunteer Tools

If I register for an account on the Livingtree website, is there any cost to register for and keep my account active? 

It is free to register for a Livingtree Give account and keep it active indefinitely.

Are there any per-transaction or subscription fees for the use of Livingtree Give account features? 

While there are no fees to register for and to maintain a Livingtree Give account, there are per-transaction fees for use of fundraising tools (IE - campaigns, events, "fund-a-thon" and membership features. Additionally, your Livingtree Give account includes a "communications" (enhanced mass-email) tool, which begins on a 30-day free trial period after your account is opened. After the trial period, you can choose to pay a monthly (or annual) subscription fee for the use of the communications feature. Learn more about account fees by clicking here.

I love it - How do I register for a Livingtree Give account? 

Register for your Livingtree Give account here.

I'm from a school district - How can we get information and get started?  

Click here to schedule a demo to learn more about Livingtree Give's District Platforms.

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