The Livingtree Give platform is integrated with PayPal as its payment processing partner.  

Because all payments are processed within the PayPal platform, if/when a donor requests a full or partial refund, it must be handled via your PayPal account.  

NOTE: There are no controls within the Livingtree Give platform to process payment refunds.

To process a full or partial refund via your PayPal account, choose one of the two following options:

A) Within your PayPal Account, Process the Refund Manually:  This is the fastest and easiest way to process a payment/donation refund.  Reference the following PayPal support article on how to do this:

If you are unable to process the refund from your PayPal account, contact the PayPal support team for help.

B) PayPal Support Team Assisted:  Contact PayPal's Customer Support Team who can walk you through and help process the refund.

The PayPal representative will likely ask you for the following information regarding the donation/payment, which you can obtain within your LT Give account's "Reporting Tool":

  • Your PayPal Account ID (email address used to register for your PayPal account)

  • Date of transaction(s)

  • $ Amount of transaction(s)

  • Email address of the donor/payor

If you are unable to process the refund via one of the above options, contact us at for additional help.

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