Putting your campaign on "Test Mode" allows you to:

  • Test the payment/checkout flow on your published campaign to see what your donors will experience during the donation process.  Test donations can be made without risk of funds being processed.  After you are done testing your campaign's donation flow, you can turn Test Mode off to make your campaign "live" to accept donations.

  • See test donations/payment transactions recorded and displayed in your Reporting Tool

To turn ON Test Mode for your campaign, follow the steps:

  1. Login to your LT Give account.

  2. In the "Active Campaigns" section > On the desired active campaign, click the "wheel" icon at the top right.  

  3. Select the "Turn on Test Mode" option.

4. Your campaign is now on Test Mode.
5. A banner titled "Test Mode On," confirming that that your campaign's Test Mode is on, now appears on your campaign.

To make a Test Donation, follow the steps:

  1. On your campaign where Test Mode is on, go to the live campaign page by clicking the wheel icon, then selecting the "View Live" option

2. From the campaign page, click the "Give" button

3. Enter a test donation amount and test donor information on the campaign.  This is the payment/donation process that your donors will experience.
4. Click the "Make Payment (test mode)" button at the bottom

5. You will be routed to a payment confirmation page indicating that you donation has been completed.

To see your Test Donation in your LT Give account Reporting Tool, follow this:

6. To review the transaction in your Reporting Tool, go back into your LT Give account and click the "Reporting" tab on the left.  You will now see your test donation information captured here.  Additionally, you will notice under the "Payment Type" column, "Test-mode Payment" is captured as the payment type (click the image below to zoom).  This signifies that this payment was a test donation done when the campaign was in Test Mode and is not a transaction where money was processed.

To turn OFF Test Mode off for your campaign, follow the steps:

7. To turn the campaign's Test Mode off, click the wheel icon again on the campaign.
8. Select the "Turn off Test mode" option.  

9. Your campaign's Test Mode is now off and is live to accept donations.   Note: Any previous test transactions will no longer appear in your LT Give account Reporting Tool.


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