Within your LT Give account settings > Public Page Settings, you can add/edit your public page's title, description and or logo that is displayed on your public page.  

Your public page "Title" is typically your name or name of your educational organization.  

The page description is typically a motto, saying or description of you or your educational organization.

Your page logo is a image/logo that visually represents you or your educational organization. 

To add/edit your public page title, description and or logo to your public page, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Public Page Settings

  2. Enter your title in the top field

  3. Enter your description in the description box (TIP: Change the wording size to 28 to 36, and text color to white to match the existing text format on the public page).

  4. Upload your logo using the blue "Upload new logo" button.  Note: Optimal file dimensions: 300px x 300px, .PNG or .JPEG, File size < 2MB. 

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Your public page should now display the title, description and logo that you saved!

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