In Settings > Public Page Settings, at the bottom, you will notice a section called "Donate Now Button."  

The Donate Now button is a button that you can add to promotional or marketing materials (IE - emails or webpages) that routes those who have clicked it to your Public Page, where all of your campaigns are located.

To add a Donate Now button to an email or website:

  1. Copy the HTML code provided in the field, 

Note: The default red color and rectangular shape of the "Donate Now" button that is displayed in "Preview" is how your button will look on your email or website.

2. Depending on your email software/browser, apply the HTML code to a mass-email or webpage, that you might be using to drive potential donors to your campaigns.  Note: LT does not support application of the HTML code.  Please consult with your IT department or support for your software/browser.

3. Now, wherever you have placed the button, anyone who clicks the button will be routed to your Public Page where all of your published campaigns are located! 

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