The "Livingtree Approve" feature is a FREE OPTIONAL flow, that gives your Campaign Creators (IE - teachers, PTAs and boosters) the ability to submit "Outside Fundraisers" through their Livingtree Give accounts and then route them to their School AND OR the District to review and approve!

Examples of Outside Fundraisers are "Online" campaigns (IE - campaigns done on other fundraising platforms that are NOT Livingtree Give campaigns) or "Offline" fundraising events, such as restaurant nights, bake sales, etc.

Submitters enter detailed information about their Outside Fundraiser in a "form" within their Livingtree Give account (doing away with unreliable paper forms) and then submits it. At your School and District levels, the details of all submitted and approved Outside Fundraisers are recorded and aggregated for reporting purposes.

Combined with the existing Livingtree Give campaign approval flow, your District Administrative Team can now have a much clearer overall, real-time picture of ALL fundraising activity occurring within your district!

To see how this new flow works, please review the step-by-step walkthrough video below!

If you would like to enable this new Livingtree Approve feature on your district platform for FREE, please contact your Livingtree Customer Success Manager or the Livingtree Support Team at

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