As a district, you can set how transaction fees are deducted from all donations, from any campaign within your district in one of two ways.

First, to find the setting, within your district account settings > in either "Manage PayPal Settings and Manage Stripe Settings," you will notice the "Fees on Top" section (see screenshots below). You will be able to set Fees on Top based on the payment collection option (either PayPal or Stripe) that you choose for your district.

Manage PayPal Settings:

Manage Stripe Settings:

Next, to understand how the two options work, please review the following:

  • When the slider is in the "Off" position (Fees on Top Disabled), transaction fees will automatically be deducted from the gross donation amount for all campaigns, district-wide. Please note that the transaction fee rate (%) that is set for your district is based on the contract agreement that your district has in place with Livingtree. So, if your district's per transaction fee rate was set at 7% + .30c, with the "Fees on Top" option disabled, a $100 donation would have a fee of $7.30. If a donor donates to a campaign, the $7.30 fee amount would be immediately deducted from the $100 donation, making the net donation to your PayPal or Stripe account $92.70. With this option, the transaction fees are deducted directly from donations and are in essence, "handled by the district."

  • When the slider is in the "On" position (Fees on Top Enabled), transaction fees are automatically added "on top" of donations to all campaigns, district-wide. So, in the same example from above, if a $100 donation is made, the $7.30 fee would be added on top of the $100 donation, making the donation $107.30. With this option, transaction fees are added on top and are in essence, "passed to your donors."

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