You can access ANY account within your district by using your district's "Service Password." You can create and save a unique service password to then access any account within your district on the Livingtree login page.

To create a Service Password:

1) In Settings > account settings, scroll to the bottom “Service password” field. Note: If your District account hierarchy has just recently been set up, the service password field should be empty.

2) Enter a Service password (ideally a complex password) in the entry field.

3) Click Save.

4) Your Service password is saved.

To use your Service Password to access ANY account within your district:

1) On the Livingtree Log-In page, enter the Email Address of the account that you need to access (IE - Teacher, Bookkeeper, School, etc). Click here to learn how to download a current list of all of your district's users.

2) In the “Password” field, enter the District Master Password that you set (from

the instructions above).

3) Click “Login” to access the account.

To replace an existing Service password:

1) Replace an existing Service password with a new password.

2) Click Save.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough on this process:

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