When creating a post, you can enable or disable the following settings:

  • Notify recipients:  To alert others of your post, check the 'Notify recipients' box.  This allows you to notify everyone (within the group(s) you are sharing with) about the information or media being shared.  Notifications are delivered via the user’s e-mail address or mobile device to let them know you have posted something important in Livingtree.
  • Disable comments:  If you do not want recipients to comment on your post, check this box to turn off commenting for your posts.  Once the comment icon is turned off, no one will be able to enter a comment on the post.
  • Allow re-sharing:  If you would like recipients to be able to re-share your post with others in their Livingtree network, check 'Allow re-sharing.' Recipients will be able to share your post with other groups in their Livingtree network. Although recipients can choose to remove a file or photo from the post they're re-sharing, the original message content cannot be edited.  Any comments on the post or photo(s) will not be re-shared.  As the originator of a post, you will always see the option to re-share the posts you've made;  but, recipients will only be able to re-share your post if you've chosen to enable this option.

You can see which posts have these settings enabled (or disabled) by the icons in the top-right corner of a post.

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