Edbacker has partnered with PayPal to facilitate electronic, secure payment processing for collection of online donations and payments on our platform.  You must have an active PayPal account to be able to use this option.  

NOTE:  Only PayPal Business accounts will work with Edbacker.  Personal PayPal accounts will not work with Edbacker.

With the PayPal collection option, all inbound payments (IE - donations, etc) made via fundraisers published from your account(s) are processed and immediately deposited to your PayPal Business account.  

This is done by "connecting" your PayPal Business account to your Edbacker account. Click here to learn how.

Edbacker's robust reporting provides real-time recording of all processed payment details, including:

  • Name of fundraiser 
  • Payment date
  • Payment $ amount
  • "Payor" / Donor information 
  • Gross and Net of fee $ amounts (Click here for information on transaction fees)
  • District "Accounting Codes" to aide in reconciliation/distribution of donation funds (Enterprise and Enterprise "Lite" accounts only) 

Don't have a PayPal Business account? Click here for information regarding PayPal accounts and how to open one. 

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