If it is not possible for your organization to open and maintain a PayPal account (IE - against policy, etc) OR if you would simply prefer to receive physical "paper checks" for donations/payments collected from your online fundraiser, Edbacker has partnered with America's Charities (a leading charitable/fundraising payment administrator), to facilitate such an option.

Processing time:  If this option is chosen, America’s Charities will collect online donations/payments made to your fundraiser(s) via the Edbacker platform for you. Then, approximately 4-6 weeks later, America's Charities will send a paper check(s) via regular mail to the organization's business address (must be provided when choosing this option - personal addresses are not allowed).

Requirements for this payment collection option:

-Your organization's business address -Federal Tax ID# of the organization 

Note: Edbacker per transaction fees are listed here.  Check amounts will be distributed minus per-transaction fees for using the America’s Charities option, which is 7% + 30c per transaction.The breakdown of the per-transaction fees for use of the America's Charities option are:

  • 5% + 30%: Edbacker fee
  • 2%: America's Charities fee
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