How can I add contacts to my account?

To add contacts manually (one-by-one):

  1. After logging into your account, go to the "Contacts" tab on the left and then click the "Add Contact" button.

2. From the "Add a Contact" popup:

  • Check all relevant checkboxes for the "Contact Type" of contact that he or she is (not required)
  • Add contact's first name, last name and email (required)
  • Add contact's zip code and phone, if you have it (not required)
  • Add any relevant notes relevant to your contact.  For instance,  tracking actions that you might need to take (IE - "Mr. Jones would like me to call him back 1 week from now - He wants to donate $1M dollars!")

3. Click the "Save Contact" button. You should now see your contact listed in the contacts list.

To upload contacts via import template (multiple):

  1. Click the "Download" button.  An MS Excel template titled EdbackerImportTemplate.xls will be download this file to your local drive.  Open the file.

2. On the template, for each of your contacts, add at least First Name, Last Name and Email to the specified columns.  Other columns are optional.

3. Once you have added all of your contacts to the import template, save the populated template to the local drive on your computer.

4. Click the "Import Contact" button.  A directory with the ability to search for your saved, populated template should appear.  Select your saved file and click open.

5. Next, you will see a screen titled "Please, map columns."  This is a screen/tool to help you validate and "map" the data on your saved file to your Livingtree Give account.  If you have not altered columns within the template in any way, then you do not need to do anything here.  If you have made changes to any of the columns on the template, your contact data may not load properly.

Press Continue.

Note:  Notice that, similar to the template, contact First name, Last name and Email are followed by an asterisk (*), indicating that they are required pieces of information.  Other pieces of information are optional.

6. Next, you will see a screen titled "Please, choose for which campaign we should track payments." If you have created a campaign that you would to track donations (payments) for, the contacts that you are uploading, you can select the fundraiser from this list. If you prefer not to track payments, click Skip.

7) You should now see your contacts loaded into your Livingtree Give account. These saved contacts are now ready to be sent emails via Livingtree Give's communication tool.

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