On Edbacker, accounts have access to a "Public Page," which is a public-facing page (with a unique URL), where account users/campaign creators can drive potential donors to see and donate to their campaigns.

The Public Page displays published campaigns, and allows users to visit fundraising pages to donate. Administrators have the opportunity to change the Public Page Title, logo, and description through the Public Page Settings tab.

Further down the Public Page, users are able to see information on published fundraising pages and even have the opportunity to filter based on the fundraiser type. There is also a search feature that allows users to search fundraisers by name. Clicking on one of the fundraisers will take the user to the campaign page.

Promoting your Public Page

Your Public Page is a great tool to let potential donors know about your organization and different fundraisers that are being ran. One great tool that Edbacker offers is a "Donate Now" button that can be placed on your organization website. This button links to your public page and can direct potential donors to the right place. More information on the button can be found here.

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