What are contacts in my Livingtree Give account?

"Contacts," as they relate to the Livingtree Give platform can be:

  • People you know - Such as friends, family, work colleagues, members of social groups or sports teams that you involved in, etc.
  • People you don't know - Such as the general public, local businesses, parents or staff within your child's school who you don't know, etc.

These are just some examples.  There are probably scores of people who might already be considered people you know (contacts) or potential contacts.

What can I do with the Contacts Management tool?

Your Livingtree Give account is built with a contacts management tool that allows you to:

  • Enter contacts one-by-one OR import contacts in bulk (using a downloadable template), and further manage (edit/delete) your contacts, online in the Livingtree system.
  • "Segment" your contacts based on the type of contact they are, such as alumni, board member, donor, member, parent and volunteer.
  • Capture and save basic notes about your contacts to help you recall actions needed for particular contacts (IE - calling a contact back on a certain date).
  • Capture and save those contacts who have donated to your campaign ("donors"), as well as the $ amount and status of their donations.
  • Export some or all of your contacts at anytime.

Why is saving contacts in my account important?

Having the ability to effectively promote your Livingtree Give campaigns/fundraisers to contacts is a crucial aspect of overall fundraising success.  Loading and saving your contacts will allow you to quickly and easily communicate with them using the Livingtree platform.  

Additionally, PTAs/PTOs and other organizations in particular, can use the contacts management tool as an effective way to manage their members/contacts, in a real-time, ongoing basis.  Say good bye to paper lists or manually managed excel lists!

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