Are there any fees or charges to sign-up for an LT Give account and to keep it continuously active? 

If you register for an LT Give "Individual" account as an individual person or entity (IE - individual teacher, school, PTA/PTO, etc), account registration is free!  Furthermore, keeping your account open indefinitely is also free.  Only per-transaction fees (learn more below) are applicable.  To register for an LT Give Individual account, click here.

If you, however, are part of a school district, Ed foundation, etc and are planning to set up a LT Give District-wide Enterprise or Enterprise "Lite" hierarchy of accounts, there are additional charges/fees (such as implementation/developer work, account provisioning, data management, etc) for setup.  These charges/fees are agreed to per signed sales contract with Livingtree.  To speak to a Livingtree sales representative about setting up a LT Give District Enterprise or Enterprise "Lite" platform, please complete this form

Overall - What are Livingtree Give's 's per-transaction fees and do they vary per fundraiser type?

Per-transaction fees vary based on the type of fundraiser (Note: for LT Give Enterprise and Enterprise "Lite" district  accounts, per-transaction fees are based on agreed contract).  

Fees per fundraiser type are as follows:

  • Campaigns:  5% + .30c per transaction 
  • Drawings:  5% + .30c per transaction
  • Events:  5% + .30c per transaction
  • "Fund-a-Thons":  5% + .30c per transaction
  • Membership:  2.9% + .30c per transaction
  • Volunteer:  FREE

Using the Livingtree Give platform, there are two options for you to be able to collect funds from your online fundraiser:

See the associated per-transaction charges/fees below.

PAYPAL:  Are payment processing charges, such as PayPal charges, included in LT Give's Per-Transaction fees?  How are LT Give's per-transaction fees broken down?  

Yes, PayPal's standard payment processing fee is included in LT Give's overall Per-Transaction fees.  Based on the fundraisers listed above, fees are broken down as follows:

For fundraisers set at 5% + .30c per transaction (IE - campaigns, drawings, etc):

  • 2.9% + .30c = PayPal Processing Fee
  • 2.1% = LT Give Fee

For fundraiser set at 2.9% + .30c per transaction (IE - membership):

  • 2.9% + .30c = PayPal Processing Fee

AMERICAS CHARITIES:  Is there an extra per-transaction fee to use America's Charities "Paper Check" option?   

Yes, America's Charities charges an additional 2% per transaction for handling of your funds, and additional processing of your check.  The breakdown of the per-transaction fees for use of the America's Charities option is:

Americas Charities total 7% + 30c per transaction

  • 2.9% + .30c = PayPal Processing Fee
  • 2.1% = LT Give Fee
  • 2% = America's Charities fee
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