Edbacker was designed to help educational-based organizations solve various "pain points" surrounding fundraising.  This includes the proper routing of inbound fundraiser funds to the appropriate entities, versus to any one individual.  

Many schools, districts, etc around the country are faced with the problem of inadvertent or inappropriate routing of fundraiser funds to personal financial accounts.

With this in mind, Edbacker requires that ALL account users have a PayPal Business account, in order to receive campaign funds via Edbacker's PayPal payment collection option.  

Don't have a PayPal Business account?  Click here to learn more about how you can create a PayPal Business account.

If it is not possible for your organization to setup a PayPal account, your organization can select Edbacker's Paper Check payment collection option.

Note: The following message (indicating that a PayPal Business account is required) appears IF an attempt to link a Personal PayPal account with Edbacker is recognized (see screenshot).  Please create a PayPal business account in order to resolve this.

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