If you have published an online campaign, many times donors will hand you (for instance, at PTA meetings, parent-teacher meetings, etc) cash or a check, and ask you to donate those funds to your campaign.  

Your Edbacker account is built with a function that allows you to add donated cash or check funds to your campaign, and further account for it within reporting.

To add cash or check funds to your campaign:

  1. Within your account > Fundraising > Active Campaigns, find your campaign
  2. Click the "wheel" icon at the top right of your campaign
  3. Click "Add Backer"

4. On the "Add Backer" popup (see below), enter amount of donated funds, Donor's First Name, Donor's Last Name and Donor's Email Address.  

-If the donor has asked you to indicate that they would like to donate on behalf of a person (IE - student, teacher, etc), you can click the checkbox to add their name.  
-If the donor has asked that they would like to donate anonymously, click the checkbox at the bottom.

Once you have completed the information for this donation, click the save button.

To see this donation in the Reporting section within your account, click the Reporting tab.  You will now see all the details of the donation that you have just entered.  

You will notice that the "Payment Type" indicates that it was entered as a "Manual" payment (vs PayPal or other payment collection option).  This donation is now included with all other donations that have been made to your campaign for purposes of historical reporting.

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