Issue Description:  The below current workaround has been found to work for the following issues: 

  1. You are unable to view posts / messages from teachers but are receiving notifications from the school. 
  2. You are unable to view your children(s) classes or group connections in your lefthand navigation bar
  3. When you are accessing posts from an email notification on your phone, are redirected to your account via web browser or app and receive a notice that the post has been removed. 


Current Workaround: 

  1. Make sure you are connected to your conversations feed page by clicking Conversations at the top navigation bar. 

2. In your browsers address bar you will see the web string below. 

3. Temporary "Cache Reset Process" - At the end of the string (right behind mlt) type the following:  ?cache=all and press enter

4. You should then have view to your posts and your children's connected groups in your left hand navigation bar. 

Permanent Fix:

The Livingtree Engineering team is currently working on a fix to resolve the need for the Temporary "Cache Reset Process."  After the fix, the issues listed at the top of this article should be resolved.

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