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How to verify your account
How to verify your account

When you sign up for Llama Life (on mobile or desktop), we will ask you to verify your email address

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You've now created an account with Llama Life - welcome!

For security reasons, and to make sure you receive key updates from us, it's important for you to verify your email address.

As you've created your Llama Life account, an email with a verification link has been sent - this link will expire in 24 hours. You can easily verify your account by clicking on the verify link in the email. Once you've done this, your email has been verified! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

If you canโ€™t find the verification email, please check that:

  • It isn't in your spam folder and

  • You are checking the correct email used to sign up, and that there were no typos (it happens to the best of us). Check your email address here

If the email address you used to sign up was incorrect, please let us know on and we'll get it sorted!

If the email address is correct, and you can't see the email in the spam folder, please contact us on

Other ways to verify

You can also verify your email through the Accounts page or through Settings in the task manager.

  1. via Accounts page (on Desktop) - By heading to the Accounts page, and clicking directly on the NOT VERIFIED badge, you will have the options to send the verification email again

2. via Settings page (on Mobile and Desktop) - in Settings, scroll down until you see Account Details. Clicking into Account Details will give you the option to send the verification email again.

I've verified but I'm still seeing the popup asking me to verify?

Please close and reopen your task manager, this should stop the popup and the NOT VERIFIED badges should turn green.

If closing and reopening does not help, please let us know on

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