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Living Expenses doubled up in Serviceability
Living Expenses doubled up in Serviceability
How to fix Living Expenses when doubled up in Serviceability
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If your living expenses have doubled up when you run serviceability its because you have a duplicate household in your application. 

This article will show you how to delete the duplicate household.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

You must firstly go to the Current Situation Tab. Click on the Person Applicant in the page menu and you will see the 'Household' field. Click on the arrow in the Household drop down and check if you have two Households with the same name. (ie a duplicate)

Step 2

You will need to open one Household by clicking on it and using the pencil to open it.  When the Household pop up opens,  delete by clicking the delete button in the left corner.

Step 3

Choose permanently delete this page.

Step 4

When back in the Person Applicant screen, add the correct remaining Household back into the Household section.

Open the Household and check that the Household expenses are as you wanted.
When you run the serviceability it now should be as how you wanted.

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