Loanapp has ANZ eSign to quickly and easily get your App Forms electronically signed so that you can submit your applications. This article will take you through the ANZ eSign process.

If you want to use ANZ eSign, you need to nominate that all parties on the application consent to signing their forms electronically. If any party does not consent, you will have to use the traditional manual method.

Please note : the Individual Self Certification OR Rate Lock form can currently not be electronically signed. If your application contains these forms ANZ eSign will not be available.

To consent, go to the Summary Tab, and select YES to the consent question:

When you are ready to sign your Application forms, go to the FILE tab in the top left corner:

When you first go to the FILE tab, you will note the ANZ eSign section is locked, and when you hover on it, a message will popup telling you to first validate and generate your Print Forms:

Click on Print Forms. Loanapp will do a quick validation and serviceability check.

You will note that all your Print Forms are 'not generated'.

If you want to have quick look at any of the forms to check the data on them, use the down arrow on any of the forms to "View HTML". You can generate the forms individually, or by clicking Generate All:

Each generated Form will appear in a new browser tab as they generate:

You can print or download from each of these Forms. When you are ready to trigger the ANZ eSign process, click back into the Loanapp screen and go to ANZ eSign, which will now be unlocked:

When you first go to ANZ eSign, you will note all your Forms are "not sent":

Click Send Request:

You will be presented with the important contact data of yourself, your applicants and your guarantors. Check carefully the email and mobile numbers, as this must be correct in order for the ANZ eSign process to work. If correct, click Send Request:

When the ANZ eSign invites have been sent out successfully to each party, you will be presented with a Success screen:

Close this screen. The ANZ eSign screen in Loanapp will now show the "status" of each request:

Note that your Application will now be locked, as the Forms have been distributed for signing. If you need to cancel the request, you can do so at any time by clicking the Down pointing arrow and then "Cancel Request" button in the top right:

If you are happy to proceed, everyone who needs to sign the forms (i.e. you and your applicants) will receive individual email invites to sign where required. The email invite will look like this:

Click on Go To Documents at the bottom of the email and you will be taken to your Documents to sign. The first thing you will be required to complete is the the 2 factor authentication sms passcode that will be sent to person opening the document.

You and your applicants will need to Agree to the terms and conditions:

And then you and your applicants will need to follow the prompts to sign your forms:

Once signed, each party will click confirm :

Once a party has signed (i.e. you and your applicants), the ANZ eSign screen in Loanapp will update and as more parties sign, the Loanapp status will update:

When all parties have signed, the ANZ eSign section will be 'completed', and the Submit section will unlock:

Before you submit, note that your signed forms will have automatically been sent to your Supporting Documents section:

To finalise the application, go through the normal submit workflow:

As a last nice touch, when you have submitted your application and go back into supporting docs to complete finalise your supporting documents submission, your App Forms will all be automatically attached to their requirements on the checklist:

Thanks for reading - remember if you need any help hit Live Chat.

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