Error Messages are used throughout Loanapp to make you aware of mandatory fields which must be completed. Each 'page' will continue to have reference error messages until all mandatory data fields have been completed. Mandatory fields are represented by a red border which turns neutral upon successful completion.

As you complete each field, the number of Error Messages reduces.

Lenders are able to control their error messages throughout the application. This means that the error message functionality may change from time to time as Lenders change their requirements.

Where are Error Messages found?

Error messages are found in the top right hand corner of each page in Loanapp.

How do I see the Error Messages?

Click on messages in the top right hand side and the actual messages will expand.

Click on an error and get taken to the field which requires attention.

If you click on any of the errors in the messages section, you will automatically be taken to the related field that needs to be completed.

For example, if you click on the "Gender is required" error message...

...you are taken to the Gender field which requires completion.

Correct data will reduce the error messages.

By correctly completing the Gender field, you will reduce the number of error messages from 12 messages to 11 messages.

You will notice that the Gender field no longer has a red border.

You can easily see which sections still have error messages and incomplete mandatory fields.

Sections which still have mandatory fields are easily identified by the red bell icon.

In the below example, a new applicant has been added. The red bells show that some information is missing in the Current Situation tab, under Person Applicants, in the new applicants section.

When all mandatory fields are complete, there will be zero error messages, no red bells, and no red field borders.

In the following image, all the mandatory fields on this page of the application have been completed.

There are zero error messages.

All data fields have neutral borders.

There are green thumbs up icon on all fields and sections.

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