Bravo! You've now submitted your application to the lender and you know you've reached this stage because you've just clicked Submit Application and received the below confirmation.

You will now receive your LRN Lender reference number and be able to submit your supporting docs.

When you have finished the submit process, you will be presented with two options.

  1. Finalise Supporting Documents, where you can upload and allocate your documents and submit to the lender.

  2. Re-Open your submitted application in read only mode

If you choose option 1, you will go straight to the supporting documents engine:

If you choose option 2, you will go back into your submitted app. Your Lender Reference Number will be on the right side of the yellow bar; and you can click on the Red button to finalise and submit your supporting documents to the lender.


Once you've submitted the application, this checklist can then be generated in an email to the customer so that they can collect and provide all the required documents. 

You may choose to skip emailing the client  by this stage, as you may have already collected them all. In that case, click on Supporting Docs to be taken to the upload page. This tab provides all the functionality you need to upload your documents to satisfy all requirements on the checklist.

You are now in the Supporting Documents section. 

The supporting documents upload functionality provides you with four Columns:

  • 1st Column is where you upload all your documents for your application

  •  2nd Column allows you to view and manage each document

  • 3rd Column presents to you the actual checklist and what the lender requires to be satisfied

  • 4th Column is where matched documents (to the checklist) are housed and validated

Upload Documents

To upload documents, click on Upload at the top left hand corner and drag and drop all related documents into the first Column. 

Edit Documents

You can now Edit a document prior to assigning it to a Checklist item. You may want to do this if you have uploaded one document with multiple pages or a document that contains 2 forms of ID that needs to be split.

To edit a document, click on the document image in Column 1. The pages in that document will appear in Column 2 - document management. 

If you click on a particular page from within that column, you will be taken to an Edit page. Notice the Edit functionality that will allow you to Crop, Redact, Rotate, and Markup as required.  Once you are happy with your edits, click Save.

  • Click here to learn how you can Split your documents 

  • Click here to learn how to Crop your documents

  • Click here to learn how to Redact your customer's confidential details

Assign a Document to a Checklist item

It's now time to assign a particular page or pages of a document to a Checklist item. You can select multiple pages by holding down the CTRL key and clicking multiple documents that you want to select. You can then click on one of those documents and drag across to the checklist item....and all the documents you have selected will go with it.

Make your selection and drag the image through the appropriate Checklist item in Column 3,  which then lists the exact requirements in Column 4. Drop your selection against the appropriate requirement in Column 4.

The trick is to ensure you drag your selected page/s over the Checklist item in Column 3. If you drag it over a different Checklist item, you may end up assigning your document to the wrong requirement in Column 4.

Verify the document

Once you drop your document against the appropriate requirement, you will be taken to a new screen which will ask you to verify the information on the document. For example, does the data that you typed into the application, match the data printed on this supporting document.

You will need to tick the check-boxes to verify the items. 

You can also check the Section and the Document to ensure you have attached this document to the correct Supporting Document requirement.

Once you have verified, click Save.

You can now see that you have satisfied that Supporting Document requirement - shown by the Green tick and there is now a Completed Task.

You will need to continue with assigning the rest of your uploaded documents to the appropriate Checklist item.

Create an Exception 

Sometimes you might want to Create an Exception. This is effectively a message to the Lender explaining why a particular Checklist item can't be satisfied. It might be because the Supporting Document is currently not available, or some of the conditions on the document are unable to be verified. Both examples will be shown below:

Example 1 - Supporting Document is not available at this time

Step 1

Click on the item in the Checklist that you wish to create an exception for. The required Supporting Document/s will appear in the far right hand column.

Step 2

Click on the Supporting Doc in the right hand column to highlight it.
Notice that the 'Create Exception' menu icon is now active.
At this point, the Checklist item has not been satisfied as shown by the 'red' outstanding indicator.

Step 3

Click the Create Exception menu icon. A pop-up will appear requesting the reason for the exception. In the drop-down, select from one of the following options:

  • Incorrect Requirement (requirement should not apply for this application)

  • Document Unavailable

  • Other

If selecting the Other option, complete the Description field and describe the details for the exception.

Click Create to apply the exception to the checklist item.

Step 4

You will notice the exception has been applied to the item. The Checklist item has been satisfied but will appear in 'orange' to indicate an exception has been created.

Submit documents to Lender

Once you are finished uploading the last requirement, you will get a popup saying that you have completed the process. Tick the box to acknowledge that you want the documents to be submitted to the Lender. Then click 'Submit documents to lender'.

All done!

Congratulations on submitting a full application with all Supporting Documents required by the Lender. The Lender will now work on your file and be in touch regarding approval.

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