The LocalClarity platform is built upon nearly one hundred listing, review, and social connection points to all of the integrated platforms. To fully understand how the data connections work with Google, a bit of background detail is required.

Google Connections

When an initial connection is made to Google, all listing details and historic review and performance data are indexed into the platform. From this point, Google connection can be broken down into two groups, events (reviews, questions & answers, posts, images, performance insights, and notifications) and location listing detail (names, addresses, phones, websites, attributes, categories, descriptions, etc).

Events are accessed in both real-time throughout the data and overnight via a series of API connections to Google. Local listing details are synchronized with Google by re-pulling the listings details. For each sync, we update LocalClarity with the Google details and record all changes in the industry's only Google Audit Log.

Automatic Synchronization with Google

Each profile with an active subscription is automatically updated for all events. Local listing details are synchronized multiple times each week. If an update to a listing is made directly in Google, that update will appear on the next sync and be recorded in the log.

Updates made within the LocalClarity platform are directly pushed to Google, helping both data sets to remain in convert universally. This is the recommended process, especially for larger accounts.

Manual Sync Entire GMB Account

If you've made a number of edits to Google and you'd like them to be immediately present within LocalClarity, we offer two different options: full account and individual location.

For the entire account, you can navigate to Settings > Integrations > Google. You will see a selection of Google Account Cards. Clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the card will trigger a sync routine to re-fetch all details from Google to update the LocalClarity listing details.

Tip for manual syncs: Make sure when prompted to re-subscribe to Google Pub-Sub.

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