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Troubleshooting hotel search results for Travellers
Troubleshooting hotel search results for Travellers
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Scenario: You're searching for a hotel to stay after you fly into a city, but the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform is not returning any results of hotels that are either not the desired brand/vendor or are in the wrong location.

"Aarrgh!" - You, probably.

Stress less, because we boy-oh-boy do we have the answer to all your swears prayers.

Search tips

If the results do not come back as desired, try to refine your search by:

  • Ensuring the location is as accurate as possible. Searching can be done via 3 methods; Airport, City or Address. Use either of these 3 to pinpoint your hotel

  • If a Hotel name has been entered and no results are returned, remove the keyword. The hotel may be 'known' as something else in the distribution system (GDS) and removing this will help to open your results

  • Check the dates. Search results also go via availability so if there are no rooms available when you're looking for a hotel for tomorrow then logically the hotel will not display

  • You may notice that the Hotel Radius is set to 5km. This is the now system default.


When using a specific address in the Location field (e.g. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria 3002, Australia) the default radius is still 2km.

How to correct your search

  1. In Locomote, from the Dashboard click on the workflow you desire (ie. Domestic, International etc) to start a booking

  2. Add in the Flight segment (if required) and select the flight(s) along with any required details

  3. Add in the Hotel segment and to search, click Advanced Options

  4. Under Advanced Options, ensure that the "Search within KM of Location" is filled out to an appropriate length

  5. Depending on where you're coming from and where you're staying, the distance may vary. (Guess by choosing from one of the options, using more distance ie. 120km if you are unsure)

  6. This will give a 120km radius from the destination that is in the left-hand field ie. Melbourne Airport

  7. Click Search to submit the criteria

  8. Check the results of hotels that has returned and select the hotel and room that you are after

  9. If your desired hotel is not returned, please refer to our Search Tips

Understanding the change to the search radius

In an effort to improve the relevancy of our hotel search results, Locomote has updated the default radius for cities and airports from 90km to 5km (effective 14th August.)

Need to Know

We currently have a request raised with our engineering teams to improve the customer experience. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to contact our Locomote Support team.

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