Within the Locomote platform, if you have a reoccuring trip that is always the same eg. a monthly conference, you can save the trip as a template to save you having to fill out the same details over and over.

To create a trip template

  1. In any Offline* workflow, add all of the Flight, Hotel and/or Car segments in the Travel Details section as required.

  2. Click on the Template menu, then click Save as Template:

  3. A pop-up window will appear. Type in a Name for your trip template and then click Save:

  4. Once the template has been saved, it will appear under the Template menu where it can be selected in future when submitting a trip request.



If you are using a trip template, please remember to update the details as required e.g. dates.


Multiple templates can be saved. Refer to the image below.

Need to Know

Offline* refers to a non-booking tool workflow.

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