To make the lease official and secure your home, you'll typically pay:

  • The damage deposit (typically a downpayment of one month's full-priced rent)
  • Any additional pet deposit, pet rent or cleaning fee. Refer to the specific listing for details.
  • The first 15 days of your lease prorated full-priced rent (the first 15 days after a lease starts is reserved for Airbnb listing setup).

The remainder of the month is prorated at the discounted rent rate and due on the 16th day of your lease!

Here's an example of how to determine first month's rent:

  • Lease starts on November 1st
  • Full rent = $2800 
  • Discounted rent = $1500


  • $2800/30 days in Nov x 15 days = $1400 (due at lease signing, covers Nov 1-15)
  • $1500/30 days in Nov x 15 days = $750 (due Nov 16, covers Nov 15-30)
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