As a Loftium renter, you're eligible to earn extra rent discounts each month based on how your Airbnb listing performs. In addition to keeping 100% of the cleaning fees (which can often amount to hundreds of dollars each month), you also receive a share of 'outperformance' - all Airbnb income after covering the cost of the property each month. 

Your share is a 20% of all Airbnb outperformance, in addition to your guaranteed discounted rent and cleaning fee payouts.

You can see your current progress towards extra rent discounts and your overall monthly savings on your hosting dashboard. Here's a real example from one of our renter in November.

Keep in mind that Airbnb is very seasonal (especially in cities like Seattle or Portland), so in a month like November your 20% share might be just $20, and in the summer months pass $500!*

What is the property cost? It's the different between the rent we pay the owner for the entire home and the discounted rent you pay + $195/mo to cover taxes, insurance, registration, and operational costs!

*These figures are examples for illustration purposes only.

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