Here's a brief overview of the Loftium process - from searching for a home to hosting your first guest.

Getting started:

  1. Sign up - tell us your goals, learn about hosting and get qualified for a Loftium down payment here.
  2. Get pre-approved - apply online with our partner through our website
  3. Search for a home - you can select your own agent or brokerage to work with.
  4. Make an offer on a home - tell Loftium which home you're intending to buy and the room you'll list on Airbnb. We'll review and turnaround a down payment offer ASAP! 
  5. Offer accepted - let us know your offer was accepted so we can proceed with step 6 (and make sure you celebrate!). 
  6. Close on the home - Loftium will make sure your down payment is transferred over so you can get settled into your new home.
  7. Move in - unpack and get your Airbnb set-up for guests within 30 days of move in.
  8. Host guests - start welcoming your first guests using our software, services and supplies which make hosting as easy as possible.

This is a simplified list, each stage will be a little different for everyone, but hopefully it helped paint a picture of how you can partner with Loftium to get into your new home. 

As always, we're here to help! Let us know if you have questions.

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