We get asked this a lot because many people think Loftium sounds too good to be true, and we get it! But it isn't. 

There is no catch.
You get a down payment in exchange for hosting on Airbnb for the duration of our agreement (which isn’t a loan). 

The risk is on Loftium, not you.
If the room doesn’t make as much profit as we predicted, the risk is on Loftium - not you. That’s how confident we are in our Airbnb income prediction, which is how we make our money back after providing down payments up-front. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning, if the room performs better than we had hoped, we all win! 🎉  Our agreements are always percentage-based so you get to a share of the upside, too. 

How to qualify for a Loftium down payment:  

  1. Get approved for a home loan with our partner lender
  2. Put 1% of your own funds towards the purchase price of the home
  3. Buy a home in a Loftium-served area
  4. Live in the home you buy

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