Everyone’s situation is a little different, and each mortgage lender will have a more detailed guide, but these items are commonly required for pre-approval.

Pre-Approval Checklist

Residential History

  • Residential address – past 2 years
  • Landlord names and addresses (for renters) – past 2 years if you rented during that time.

Employment & Income History

  • Paycheck stubs – past 30 days (needs to include bonuses/commission & year to date income)
  • W-2 or 1099 forms – past 2 years
  • Complete tax returns – past 2 years
  • Self Employed – year-to-date profit and loss statements & business tax returns

Personal Assets

  • Bank statements – all pages, all checking & savings accounts
  • Investment account statements – including retirement
  • Real estate holdings

Divorced or Separated

  • Divorce petition and/or separation agreement

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